• Educate

    GCEC provides free quality education for the neediest children in Njathaini. There is a public school in the village, but with over 80 children per classroom and no government regulation, many children roam the village and are left on their own each day. Currently, 159 of the neediest children in the village attend GCEC ranging in age from one to 12 years old.

  • Feed

    For most of the students, the food they are given at school is the only food they will have throughout the day. When school is not in session, the children are without food.

    Each school day, children have morning tea, "Chai", and sometimes mandazi, which is similar to bread. At lunchtime they are given porridge, a soup similar to a thick cream of wheat soup or ugali, which is made from maze and looks like a thick block of mashed potatoes. Both the porridge and ugali fill their bellies for the whole day. On occasion, they will also have a vegetable similar to cooked cabbage. The vegetables come from the garden that has been planted beside the school.

  • Clothe

    When not in school, the children of Njathaini's everyday clothing is old, tattered and dirty. Typically is has been handed down several times or found.

    It is customary in Kenya that children are required to purchase and wear uniforms in both public and private schools. At GCEC, a free uniform is given to each student, outfitting them for the school as well as providing them their first piece of new, unworn clothing. Typically, when a missions team visits a pair of shoes is brought for each child. 

  • love

    GCEC considers its top mission to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ to each and every student. Girum, the Director of GCEC is a pastor and many of the students attend his church's Sunday school. The school prays together daily, the children are taught Bible verses and Girum teaches what it means to follow Christ. Recently, Girum has been teaching the children to be their brother's keeper and to love and look out for one another.